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Saturday, June 1, 2013

More breakfast cereal mascots

This is SpokesClown for Clowny Puffs breakfast cereal, a cereal with Marshmallow's in it. Puffy is one of those mascots who just wants to enjoy the cereal he represents. However, before he can ever eat it, it inevitably gets stolen by kids, making Puffy Sad. Over time this has began to wear on Puffy driving him insane. He hangs out at an old abandoned amusement park, and plots ways to get revenge on the kids who steal his cereal.

The Astro-O kid. SpokesKid for Astro-O's breakfast cereal. He is a boy adventurer who goes around the galaxy seeking out Astro-O's and fighting Aliens. He replaced Captain Astro-O (whom I will introduce later) after the Cereal execs decided that a kid would be more relatable to their target demographic.

 Petey the Scarecrow. SpokesScarecrow for corn yums breakfast Cereal, Petey doesn't say much. His cereal is something your dad would eat.

Honey Bunches Bear. SpokesBear for Honey Bunches, the token honey flavoured cereal mascot.

Spokes Gnomes for Granola Mills Cereal. They're kind of a cross between the Keebler elves and snap crackle and pop.
Sparkles the Dragon. SpokesDragon for Sparkles breakfast Cereal. Is the only girl mascot.

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