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Monday, February 27, 2012

SHARK RIDERS! continued

So I finally colored up a few more shark riders. Did these a while ago actually. I still got a bunch more waiting to be colored. I wanted to put them all up at once but I got busy with other projects that are a little more time sensitive, and I wanted to put something up.

So I had to do up the token hammer head Shark. I mean you can't have a fleet of shark riding marauders without one riding a hammerhead. They're just good subject matter. They look freakin' sinister, and the name hammer head has a certain punk rock quality I enjoy.

So a few folks have been asking me what I plan to do with these guys? A comic book or something? Maybe? Truth is though I kinda picture them as a cartoon show, like one that would've sold a butt load of toys, maybe Biker Mice from Mars would've led into it back in the day. It would be one of those shows were they're the villains but the main draw of the show.
Was pondering the theme song too. Lots of 90's electric guitar maybe, but one things for sure, at some point it would go "SHARK RIDERS COUNTDOWN!" and then list them all off. Yeah...

The Shark riders are not a Dudes only affair. Got some lady shark riders in the mix as well, as pictured above. Hopefully I'll be getting the other one's up soon. Got a few more action shots involving the Shark riders and our submarine suit wearing hero. Also we haven't even met #1 yet, the Shark riders evil leader.

Stay tuned.