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Sunday, July 19, 2009

First post

So it's my first post, so I figured I'd start off with my demo reel.

Most of it's from the last show I worked on called Dex Hamilton. I did up my own version of the characters while I was working on it so I figured I'd throw that up next to it. I thought it would be cool to do them in kind of an edgier style, seeing as it's a kids show. I was kinda trying to go for a kinda 60's campy space show kinda feel.
Anyway, here's some stuff i've been doing more recently, I just finished this today.

In kinda keeping with the theme of my version of other franchises, here's how I'd tackle a Mario movie should they ever see fit to do another one. I kinda wish I'd done bowser a little different but other then that this is pretty much how i'd handle it .
And lastly for this post; this is a little something i did last week with the intention of using it for a business card.


  1. Looks good Fysh! Love that last one.

  2. Very cool dude. Nice demo and drawerins, the crazy fish robot is killer. Keep it up. I'm looking forward to more.

  3. I'm loving the fishrobot, tooo cool man. Nice demo too, you have some great peice of animation in there.