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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adventure time!

What time is it?
Adventure time!

So a while back I was pretty much watching adventure time non stop. I did these sketches at work of Finn and Jake and the Ice King, but in my style. I intended to color them up, but then I couldn't find where I put them. The other week though while combing through old sketchbooks they turned up. I was contemplating giving Jake some tightey whitey's or something, cuz I thought since my style is a little more anatomical it was getting a little weird, but I decided I'd leave him like that.

The Ice King's my favorite of the bunch. I think he translated into my style the best. Kinda fitting seeing as he's probably my favorite character. Having a good villain always ups my appreciation of a show, and I think the Ice King is one of the best villains going.

So after finding those I had the urge to draw some more. I've got a huge crush on Marceline the vampire Queen so I figure I'd draw her next. She's a total babe.

Then there's Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rain-o-corn. I was originally going to do the Princess on her battle swan, but I found this picture of her riding Lady Rain-o-corn pin up styles and decided I'd rather do that.

Hope you enjoyed these, got a few more I found in those old sketch pads, as well as a whole swack of new stuff to come.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So as promised I combed through a couple of the old sketchpads for some life drawing.
These are most of my favorite ones. The bottom right darwing is pretty recent but everything else is from a while ago. Makes me think I should be getting back to life drawing on a more regular basis.The top right one is probaly my favorite, just because I got her looking so sultry.
This page is comprised of three of my favorite models to draw. Rocking the mask, there's Duncan. I generally have pretty good drawing days whenever he's the model because he knows how to strike a good pose. The Girl with the glasses, I believe her name is Sascha. I love drawing her because she's like something out of an old french movie, like right after they started making movies in colour. I wish I could find the drawings of the time her and her boyfriend did doubles together. She's fantastic though. The girl with the nice big bum there, that's my friend Tiira. I actually hooked her up with the modeling gig that day. I find her really fun to draw.
Here's a few more I found while combing through the sketch pad. I didn't find all the ones I really wanted to post, but did find a few I'd forgotten about. I had forgotten completely about the two in the bottom left corner. That's another model that deserves a shout out actually. I think her name's Sophie. The doubles drawing from the first page, that's her and her boyfriend. Every once in a while I'll run into them at the bar and he'll introduce me as "the guy that drew them naked that one time."
The last page here is all stuff I did while I was in college. It was on my old hard drive, and I still like alot of it, so I figured I'd toss it up too. My favorite peice on this page is the one at the bottom. By far my favorite peice of life drawing I did in college. Those are my friends Debby and Shanna. Debby had agreed to model for me, and Shanna was in the room studying when Debby pointed out she could study and model at the same time. Ended up turning out pretty good. The freaky looking dude in the top right corner actually isn't a real person. We took a class trip to see these sculptures at the national gallery that looked really life like. There was a giant baby and other cool stuff. That dude actually sat 14 feet high.
Anyway, I got some more shark riders I've been inking, probaly won't be throwing them up until January though. Did find a few other hidden gems in those sketch pads I might be tossing up real soon, as well as some commisions I've got on the go for christmas.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shark Riders!

Hey Folks,

So here's a little sneak peak of one project I've been working on. Not the big project. That is still yet too come. I just had a week a while ago where I just couldn't stop drawing scuba dudes riding sharks. So I figured I should color up a few of them and throw them up here.

I kinda liked the idea of these dudes throwing numbers on there sharks. I figure they are some sort of sinister underwater team that rides sharks that they have somehow tamed, we're not sure how though. The're pretty shrouded in mystery. They make their coin kidnapping mermaids, attacking submarines, and looting sunken ships.

So with these dastardly Shark riding marauders up to no good, we need a hero to fight the good fight and dish out some nautical justice. I figure I'm up to the task. I'd definitely need a bad ass submarine suit though. Been using this one as my profile pic on the ol' facebook for the last bit.

Here's our hero rescuing a sexy mermaid babe from the evil clutches of the Shark Riders.

I've got a ton more of the Shark Riders themselves, just havn't gotten around to inking and coloring them. Might do that soon, or I might just throw the roughs up. We'll see how I'm feeling.

And here's a little something I drew up for my Mom a few months back for her birthday. I did it pretty quick, but I like how it turned out so I figured I'd toss it up.

So I've got a lot hopefully to come since I'll be having some extra free time around the holidays. I also started life drawing again, and it got me thinking I've got a whole chunk of life drawing that'd be worth putting up too, just got to sort through the old sketch pads.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

La Pacaderme Rose

Hey folks,

So I've been working away on this project for the last bit. It'll all be up here soon enough once it's complete and ready for public consumption. In the mean time I wanted to throw something up here. So I grabed a few sketches from a while ago, inked them on up and coloured them in. So here they are.
So a while back I had this idea to start up a free magazine of cartoons to people to read while having a few beers at the bar. It was going to be called "La Pacederme Rose" and would feature a pink elephant up to some crazy hijinx on the cover loosely related to the theme of the issue. This was an idea for the cover a Valentine's day issue. I don't know if I'll get that thing together at some point, but I've got a few more sketches for cover ideas. I think I'll probaly put those up at some point soon.
I sketched up this dude late in the sens season last year right after the got Craig Anderson. I noticed he was still rocking his Avalanche mask for the first bit and I got to thinking, what would I put on my mask if I were goaltending for the sens. I figured I'd have a whole bunch of these Roman Legion dudes battling away along the bottom.

I had kinda forgot I did this one. She was tucked away on this page of little devil dudes I had doodled at the bar one night. She just kinda caught my eye when I was flipping back through the ol' sketchpad.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

North side polo invite

So here's a little something I did up for some friends of mine for a bike polo tournament the're having in Ottawa this september. It was pretty fun to do cause I pretty much drew anything I felt like that day and just slapped them on a bike with a polo mallet in hand. If you look real close you can see my old friend Casual Rex even makes an appearance.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Been a while

Hey Internets,

It's been a while... so here's some of what I've been up to for the last bit.
so this is Miss November. I did this up for my brother and his army company. The're called November company.

Had a little party at my place for my birthday this year. Everybody rocked an eye-patch, fun was had by all.

So here's something I did for the NDP during the election. they did pretty well so I guess people liked it.

Here's the rough version. I like my Jack Layton better here, but they wanted him less goofy.

And finally my old friend Casual Rex took himself a little trip to Toronto, probably caught a Jays game or two.