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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Breakfast Cereal mascots

This is Yummy Mummy. Truth be told he's not a terribly important character. You just need a token spooky cereal mascot. It is by far my favourite character design I did for this project. I think this would be a good time to thank Kate Mclellan. She did the colouring for a lot of these, and I think Yummy Mummy was the best one she did as well.

This is Lenny the Lion. SpokesLion for Frosted-Yums Cereal, Lenny is an athletic lion who plays many sports, and is a real go getter. Some might call him a keener. Under the surface Lenny has a big of a mean Jock quality to him. He's kind of a jerk. He participates in sports with the kids that eat his Cereal and says eating his cereal as their breakfast gives them the competitive edge. The teams they play against feel it's an unfair advantage for them to have a lion come in as a ringer. Lenny is pretty much a direct spoof of the modern incarnation of Tony the Tiger

This is Tasty-Bit.Spokesperson for Tasty-Bit cereal, Tasty-Bit is a walking talking piece of Tasty-Bit cereal, spoofing the various cereal brands over the years that have gone that route to make their spokes person a piece of their product. Tasty-Bit wears a fez and often smokes a cigar. He is often ridiculed by the other mascots for being an unimaginative idea for a mascot. This is a particular sore point for him and he's always trying to earn the other mascots respect. It doesn't help that all he can talk about is his qualities as a breakfast cereal. How he won't go soggy in milk, is high in fibre... etc. His commercials usually involve him encountering families at breakfast, explaining to them his qualities as a cereal.

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