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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Colonel Coco

Rolling along with the Breakfast Serials, this is Colonel Coco. The Spokesperson for the Cereal that bears his name, Colonel CoCo is an eccentric gamesmen who just loves everything Coco. But nothing satisfies his Coco cravings like a big bowl of Colonel Coco's breakfast cereal. He's kind of like a cross between Captain Crunch and Colonel Mustard, except really really into Coco. 
Under the surface though Col. Coco is more sinister then his Coco loving exterior would have you believe. He takes on more the persona of Coco themed super villain. Coco Manor is equipped with many booby traps, like trap doors that lead to his pit of "Cocodiles". As Head of The Cereal Mascots union, he wields a lot of power in the breakfast cereal world. Unbeknownst to the rest of the union, he is using that power for total Coco domination of all cereals. So when whom he perceives to be his biggest rival, Scraps, falls upon hard times, He sees this as his opportunity to eliminate Sugar scraps.

Back in the day, kids could send in cereal box tops to gain membership into an exclusive Col. Coco fan club called the Cocoteers. They would receive a badge, and the more box tops they sent in the higher up they would become. Today the Cocoteers have taken on the role of a secret organization bent on furthering the Coco conspiracy. They have members everywhere, from the police, to political offices, to leaders of industry. 

Recently his Cereal company has added The Coco crew as an entourage for the Col. to Hip up his image ( reference to the ill advised crunch crew that briefly joined captain crunch in the 90's).  They are obviously his old Cocoteers dressed up in hipper urban attire. They take on a roll as Coco's bumbling henchmen, doing his bidding when needed. 

More to come!

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