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Friday, May 10, 2013

Scraps' Heist Crew

Some more Breakfast Serials stuff. This here is Scraps' heist crew.

You see Scraps isn't pulling off all these elaborate cereal heists all by his lonesome, oh no. When he first finds himself out of work he starts to attend a support group for out of work advertising mascots. While there, he befriends some of the other members with less scruples than most. He gets them hooked on Sugar Scraps, and recruits them to help in his cereal robberies. They are:
Lil' Chief. Mascot for the Fightin' Injin's Football team for decades until it was deemed that the team name was racially insensitive, and they were renamed the Thunder Bolts, leaving the Chief without a job. The Chief is pretty much a racist caricature based on native stereotypes. He's more like what you might have seen in an old western then anything factual. He speaks in broken English, and engages in all sorts of Indian cliches, like rain dancing or threatening to scalp those who anger him. He has not adjusted well to being unemployed.

Babboon Slim. Mascot for Red Bottom Slim cigarettes, until an anti smoking group raised hell about a cartoon baboon pushing cigarettes, saying it would make kids more likely to want to smoke. The cigarette company caved to the pressure and fired Slim. Slim is like a cross between Joe Camel and Chester Cheetah except a Babboon. He's cool, he's hip, and he smokes like a chimney. He talks in Jive, and always wears his shades.

Hey it's my old friend Casual Rex! For the purposes of this show he has assumed the role of mascot for Casual Rex brand condoms, "Don't Rex your life!" Subsequently the condoms proved to be very ineffective, "rexing" many peoples’ lives resulting in a class action law suit that ran Casual Rex Condoms out of business. Rex is one laid back Tyrannosaurus who loves the ladies. He drinks, he smokes, he swears, he has an extensive collection of hats for all occasions. His Morals are somewhat questionable, and he's not afraid to use the fact that he's a dinosaur to get his way. Whether it's playing the "Jurrascist card" or simply intimidating people.

This here is Billy. He's not in the crew per say. Billy is kind of the Sugar Scraps kid. It's his favorite Cereal, although he's not a fan of the re branding  preferring when Scraps was on the box. He's kind of representative of these kids that are out there that have to have the cereal like the ad campaigns say. Billy's one of those kids your parents probably wouldn't want you hanging out with. He starts fires, breaks things, and is generally up to some kind of no good. He is drawn to Scraps and the gang as he idolizes them, although has a bit of a love hate relationship with them when they steal his Sugar Scraps.

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