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Monday, August 5, 2013

Hoo's Watching you!

So I've been working on title cards for episode ideas I came up with for the Breakfast Serials. This one here is for the episode centered around Hoo the Secure-Tek Owl. Confident that good publicity from him solving an actual crime would make Secure-Tek want to take him back, Hoo decides to keep an eye on the gang, as he's sure they're up to no good. The gang is of course planning to heist a shipment of Sugar Scraps. Will Hoo foil their daring high speed heist and put the infamous Cereal Bandits behind bars once and for all? You'll have to watch to find out! Also the show has to get made and all that stuff first.

 Figured I'd give you a better look at the Gang hanging out while Hoo stalks them from a distance. I figure they're having beers in the parking lot outside the support group as they do.

I've got a bunch more coming soon. Also there's a bunch of other stuff I've been busy with that hopefully I can post soon. Stay tuned!