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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So a while back I said I'd put up some more Spider-man characters.

So here's a few. I wanted to do Spider-man so he looked like a teenager. I'd say the one I'm the happiest with is Carnage with Doc Oc second. I decided to make him tubby. He's a scientist right. Just because he's also a super-villain doesn't mean he's got to be jacked. Anyway, if they came to me and said "Hey Fysh, we want you to do design characters for a new Spider-man cartoon" that's what it would look like.

 So for a while there I kept mentioning this big project I've been working on. I figured I'd give you a little sneak peek. I'm gonna start pitching the show idea around soon, so maybe if I get lucky you'll be seeing "The Breakfast Serials" on a TV set near you sometime soon. That's all you get from that for now though.

A while back a friend asked me to draw Totoro for her. I tried to make the little girl look like her. Dunno if she thinks it looks like her but she seemed to like the drawing, and I had fun drawing Totoro. I think me and Totoro would get along pretty well.

Hey it's my old friend Casual Rex. I think me and him need to hang out more often. He's pretty cool.

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