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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Shark Riders anticipated return!

Since everyone's been so good, I think it's about time I give the people what they demand. Some Shark rider action seems to be what most folks want to see out of me.

They seem to have found themselves in a bad situation here with a Giant Octopus creature of some sort. Even though they're pretty evil dudes our Submarine suited hero isn't going to leave them hanging. Or floating rather.

So I think it's about time you met the Shark Riders' nefarious leader. Haven't really thought of a name as of yet. We know he's the leader cuz he rides the number 1 Shark. Maybe he's just Number 1. Nah, that's lazy on my part. He's tough as balls this dude though. Rocks an old bell diver's helmet instead of the standard scuba gear, perhaps to mask a horribly disfigured visage? He's mysterious for damn sure. Naming suggestions are welcome.