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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Adventure time!

What time is it?
Adventure time!

So a while back I was pretty much watching adventure time non stop. I did these sketches at work of Finn and Jake and the Ice King, but in my style. I intended to color them up, but then I couldn't find where I put them. The other week though while combing through old sketchbooks they turned up. I was contemplating giving Jake some tightey whitey's or something, cuz I thought since my style is a little more anatomical it was getting a little weird, but I decided I'd leave him like that.

The Ice King's my favorite of the bunch. I think he translated into my style the best. Kinda fitting seeing as he's probably my favorite character. Having a good villain always ups my appreciation of a show, and I think the Ice King is one of the best villains going.

So after finding those I had the urge to draw some more. I've got a huge crush on Marceline the vampire Queen so I figure I'd draw her next. She's a total babe.

Then there's Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rain-o-corn. I was originally going to do the Princess on her battle swan, but I found this picture of her riding Lady Rain-o-corn pin up styles and decided I'd rather do that.

Hope you enjoyed these, got a few more I found in those old sketch pads, as well as a whole swack of new stuff to come.

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