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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Smash Brothers

Hey folks,

So my buddy Scott recently commissioned a piece from me, and here it be:
So those of you that played Smash Bros. growing up will know what's up here. Ya got your 4 secret characters from Smash brothers duking it out on top of the StarFox ship, which is Scott's favorite level, and probably the coolest one in my opinion too. I had a lot of fun with this. I really like taking characters and putting them into my own style.
Figured I'd give you a closer look at the characters. I didn't really now much about Ness starting this off. I never really played earthbound as a kid, but looking at him i wanted to give him a more bad ass look that fit with my style. As soon as I found out he uses a baseball bat I figured i needed to work that in. So i got him here doing his best Mickey Mantle impersonation much to the dismay of Jiggly Puff. Poor Jiggly Puff, but she's so close to the shape of a baseball I had to do it. I don't think any of the other characters would've looked that good being batted out of the park. With her I really wanted to make her my own so I made her a lot more anatomical with a more organic shape. And I had to add the bow. Not sure if Jiggly Puff has teeth, but she does now.
Luigi was easy enough cuz I pretty much just used the design from when I did my take on Mario way back when. Captain Falcon I decided I needed to make use of the Falcon Punch seeing as I love doing fire effects as well as drawing characters throwing punches. Naturally Luigi wants no part of that, and is getting his plumber self out of the line of fire.
 I also need to thank my buddy Steve and the folks at Canvas Pop for doing such a great job with the printing onto canvas. I did everything digitally, but it looks painted on there. I was quite impressed. They're definitely getting some return business. There are some shots of the print itself on Scott's wall. there's me there in front of it, a little lacking of sleep, but happy to see it up. If anybody is interested in purchasing a print of this, or any of my stuff let me know. Prices would vary depending on size. I'm also looking to do some more commissions. So if you've got an idea in your brain that needs to be put into visual terms drop me a line.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So a while back I said I'd put up some more Spider-man characters.

So here's a few. I wanted to do Spider-man so he looked like a teenager. I'd say the one I'm the happiest with is Carnage with Doc Oc second. I decided to make him tubby. He's a scientist right. Just because he's also a super-villain doesn't mean he's got to be jacked. Anyway, if they came to me and said "Hey Fysh, we want you to do design characters for a new Spider-man cartoon" that's what it would look like.

 So for a while there I kept mentioning this big project I've been working on. I figured I'd give you a little sneak peek. I'm gonna start pitching the show idea around soon, so maybe if I get lucky you'll be seeing "The Breakfast Serials" on a TV set near you sometime soon. That's all you get from that for now though.

A while back a friend asked me to draw Totoro for her. I tried to make the little girl look like her. Dunno if she thinks it looks like her but she seemed to like the drawing, and I had fun drawing Totoro. I think me and Totoro would get along pretty well.

Hey it's my old friend Casual Rex. I think me and him need to hang out more often. He's pretty cool.