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Friday, July 5, 2013

Goodbye Alfredsson...

 Woke up today to some terrible news. Daniel Alfredsson will be playing for a team other than my beloved Senators next year. It's just a mish mash of emotions right now. Sad and confused are kind of the front runners though.We don't really know why this happened. Certain theories make me worry about my Sens going forward. It leaves me so conflicted. I want Alfie to get a cup, but I had hoped it would be with the Senators.
 I had drawn this up during the playoffs. I was planning on inking and coloring it at some point before next season. Don't really feel like it anymore...
Good luck Alfie.... You've been a class act for years. I hope you really thought this one out. You will be missed.
I guess as long as I'm on a hockey note I'll put this up too. During the first round of the playoffs I tuned in to the CBC to find that noted Senators hater, and senile old man, Bob Cole was doing the play by play for the Sens and Habs first round series. The guy seems to have no respect for any team that has entered the league in my lifetime. We endured it last year during the Rangers series, but the hope was since the Leafs had made the playoffs, he'd be assigned to their series. No such luck it seems. We had to listen to a play by play 3 steps behind if not lost all together, along with a spite for our side, seemingly due to being less of a storied franchise than our original 6 opponent.
I decided something must be done. I started a petition at to "Can Bob Cole". Drew that up to go with it. Now the thing only got about 400 signatures. A far amount less than i was hoping for. Come the second round though, Jim Hughson got the call! Now some might point out that, he had the leafs series the round before, so he was going to get the CBC's marquee match up anyway. I still don't see any reason not to take full credit.

Hopefully next post will be a happier one.... Got some more Breakfast Serials stuff. Thanks for all the positive feedback about that.