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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bebop & Rocksteady

So I've been doing a lot of drawing for concept artwork for this idea I've had for a while. I got to the point where I had to design the villain's henchmen. Really wanted to get them right. Got me to thinking, who are my favorite henchmen.
I think the answer is pretty obvious when you think about it. It's like folks will always ask you who was your favorite Ninja Turtle? (Michealangelo, for the record.The party dude aspect always appealed to me.). Everyone's got a thought out answer that is in someway telling about how they see themselves in this world. But great villains are what really make it for me, and Bebop and Rocksteady where definitely that. Cooler than Shredder for sure.

My twin brother Nick and I had a pretty sweet Ninja turtles toy collection growing up. It was kind of one of those deals where while it was both of our collection, some toys kinda belonged more to one of us though. Just like Michelangelo was mine, and Leonardo was his (Nick's a Leonardo for sure), Bebop was mine and Rocksteady was his. The rest could vary, but when we would play Turtles, those where the 4 figures we'd each control respectively.

Anyways, back to drawing.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Naked Folk

Hi all,

So I've been working away lately on a couple projects. Havn't really updated this here blog in a bit. Since baseball season is done and my Wednesday nights are free again figured I'd go get in some life drawing again at the community center. And I know how you all crave the nudity, so here's some of the stuff I've done there over the last couple of months.
 Here's a couple of my favorite models. I usually have a good drawing day when either of them pose. They're both really fun to draw for different reasons. the drawings on either side of the page where they are sitting on the stool are my favorites.  

 This is a friend of mine that I hooked up with a modeling gig. Thought she did a really good job. It's kind of wird drawing someone you know like this because you're a little more concerned with making sure it really looks like them than you usually would be if the model is a stranger. The one on the bottom left doesn't look like her at all.

These models were pretty good too. The girl on the right was doing doubles with here boyfriend a few weeks ago, but I missed it because game 1 of the world series was that night. I'm hoping they do doubles again soon. They're both pretty interesting people to draw.

 Speaking of interesting people to draw, the slender girl on the sides of this page was certainly that. She was tall and lanky, but still had this elegance to her, and was very toned, but still had a bit of curve to here.

Some folks I know who were interested in modeling were asking me what makes a good model in my opinion. Holding a pose is always nice, but there's always this intangible of is this person interesting to draw? Do their parts flow into each other nicely? And it's not a question of fat, skinny or toned, or how attractive the person is. I think you got to go on a case by case basis.  Variety is always nice though.

Anyway, I'm gonna try and put up more stuff soon. Folks have been asking me about more Shark Riders. Possibly... if you're good.