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Friday, April 26, 2013

the Breakfast Serials

So I haven't been posting much on here lately. Mainly because I've been mostly work on my big project in my spare time. I've been trying to shop the idea around and get it turned into a TV show but to date no such luck. So I've been working on more stuff to try and sell it. Splash pages, storyboarding a pilot episode, etc. I figured there's no harm in starting to throw the concept work up here though. If anything it will probably motivate me to get more done. So over the next few weeks I'll be posting up drawings of the different characters, and telling you more about the idea.

The show is essentially about advertising mascots, specifically breakfast cereal advertising .The characters are mostly parodies of cereal mascot archetypes we grew up watching. The show's aimed at adults and plays upon themes that we probably didn't consider when we were young watches these commercials between our Saturday morning cartoon shows.

The show is set up in a way so there's a continuing story, but you can enjoy a single episode not having seen the rest of the series. Each episode fallows a similar formula: It starts with a commercial with featuring one of the characters, and then fades out into a scene featuring that character, that either gives some added back story on the character or explains how they fit into the ongoing plot. Montages are used pretty regularly to advance the story, and most episodes finish with an action/heist sequence shot in the style of a breakfast cereal commercial.

This is Scraps Raccoon. He's the main character and loveable cereal mascot of Sugar Scraps, the sugary breakfast cereal kids love, and Dentists hate! The ads featuring him generally have him stealing Sugar Scraps from children, because as his catch phrase says, he's "Gotta have 'em Sugary Sugar Scraps!". He doesn't say much else besides that. Scraps has got it pretty good as the Mascot for Sugar Scraps. It gets him all he ever wants in life, which is essentially all the Sugar Scraps cereal he can eat!

All that's about to change. Sales have dipped slightly and the Cereal company Execs have decided that after a long run with Scraps on the box, it might be time to hip up the cereal's image. Enter Raz Raccoon. He's hip! He's cool! He's got lightning bolts in his fur! He raps! He Breakdances! He can skateboard up a vert ramp and slam dunk a basketball while shredding on an electric guitar! He's so cool, all the kids will surely want to eat Sugar Scraps again now.
With Raz in, Scraps is out on the street. With no marketable skills he has no money for shelter, or more importantly Sugar Scraps, which as he's on record saying, he's "gotta have 'em!". Life isn't kind, and he finds his beloved cereal a lot more difficult to obtain, now that stealing the cereal isn't part of a staged marketing campaign.
So Scraps dawns a mask to conceal his identity and turns to a life of crime. It's the only way he can still get his hands on the cereal he craves. Every time he steals a box though, he now has to gaze upon Raz's face on the front where his used to be. It starts to wear on him. While his obsession up until this point had merely been eating as much Sugar Scraps as possible, he now starts to feel the pain of rejection, and jealousy. So in between in his various cereal heists, he is working on a bigger plan. Kill Raz Raccoon, and take back his place on the cereal box!

I'll throw up more soon. I've got a lot more characters too come. Not to mention episode ideas.

Stay tuned!