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Sunday, September 18, 2011

La Pacaderme Rose

Hey folks,

So I've been working away on this project for the last bit. It'll all be up here soon enough once it's complete and ready for public consumption. In the mean time I wanted to throw something up here. So I grabed a few sketches from a while ago, inked them on up and coloured them in. So here they are.
So a while back I had this idea to start up a free magazine of cartoons to people to read while having a few beers at the bar. It was going to be called "La Pacederme Rose" and would feature a pink elephant up to some crazy hijinx on the cover loosely related to the theme of the issue. This was an idea for the cover a Valentine's day issue. I don't know if I'll get that thing together at some point, but I've got a few more sketches for cover ideas. I think I'll probaly put those up at some point soon.
I sketched up this dude late in the sens season last year right after the got Craig Anderson. I noticed he was still rocking his Avalanche mask for the first bit and I got to thinking, what would I put on my mask if I were goaltending for the sens. I figured I'd have a whole bunch of these Roman Legion dudes battling away along the bottom.

I had kinda forgot I did this one. She was tucked away on this page of little devil dudes I had doodled at the bar one night. She just kinda caught my eye when I was flipping back through the ol' sketchpad.