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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tree Frog Ron

This is Tree Frog Ron. Spokes frog for Tree Fruut Breakfast Cereal, Tree Frog Ron is as his name states is a tree frog who wears Hawaiian shirts, and does elaborate musical numbers while seeking out his beloved Tree Fruut Cereal in his commercials. He's a loose spoof of Toucan Sam.

Ron is kind of like the supportive gay uncle scraps never had, helping him through tough times and supporting him with the cereal mascots guild. He is a flamboyant, middle aged frog, who hangs out at dance bars. A lot of comedy surrounding him will be derived from how ridiculous it is to try and peg down or attack the sexuality of a children's cartoon characters.

Ron has two tree frog nephews and one niece that occasionally join him in his commercials. Teddy, Eddy and Betty.

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