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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Detective Fontaine

Now Scraps and the gang are out committing all these robberies, you have to think that the proper authorities have taken notice. Meet Detective Fontaine.Crusty veteran cop, every cop cliché you can imagine applies. Divorced 3 times, alcohol problem, he's this close to being busted down to traffic duty. His partner Davis retires in the first episode, and every episode after that he has a different partner who will either be asking for a transfer by the end of the episode, or get shot, etc. Each of these new partners will be representative of some cliché partner you'd see on a cop show or buddy cop film. They get more and more ridiculous as the season progresses. The reason he's not well liked is his wild theories about cereal robbery, that cartooned mascots are behind the recent string of robberies. Over the course of the season his role will increase every episode as he gets closer to cracking the case and maybe catching the infamous Sugar bandit.

Here are his partners by episode:
1.     Detective Davis - Fontaine's longtime partner who is retiring. Older black cop with a heart of Gold to put up with Fontaine all those years.
2.     Detective Mills - Young go getter cop, very by the book
3.     Detective Sabler - Sexy lady cop with something to prove
4.     Detective Hayes - In your face black guy. Think Chris tucker in Rush hour
5.     Detective Bobrovski - Cop with a temper problem, he's always the bad cop
6.     Detective Sparky - A German Sheppard in a detectives hat. Transferred over from the K9 unit
7.     Detective Roboto - A robot Detective
8.     Detective Baines - Another crusty Veteran , this guy is a dirty cop
9.     Detective Binky - A monkey on roller skates who wears a trench coat and detectives hat
10.  Detective Crackers - Parrot with a detectives hat
11.  Detective Socko - A sock Puppet who when he speaks, Fontaine's lips move. He constantly berates Fontaine for all his short comings

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