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Monday, June 24, 2013

More Support group members

This is Gladys the Cow. Former Mascot For The Burger Barn fast food chain, Gladys developed an eating disorder, and became addicted to Burger Barn food. As a result of this Gladys gained a lot of weight, which is not a good image for a fast food chain that is currently trying to gain a healthier image after some bad press regarding the nutrition value of their food. Gladys was fired, and continued to eat away her sorrows. She is also stalking Casual Rex.

This is Armor plus Knight. Mascot for Armor plus rust repellent until he got too drunk one night and passed out in a ditch rusting up his suit of armor.

This is Kyle. An Octopus with a Viking helmet, the audience will never be told what he was the Mascot for. It will just be a running gag to cut into the group right after he's apparently finished speaking, and Darryl thanking him for his contribution in a manner that  implies something ridiculous was said that would only further confuse the audience as to what product he could have represented.

This is Danger Duck. Mascot for a series of Safety Videos for kids until he lost an eye in a freak accident.

This is Gerard the Cat. Snooty Cat, former mascot for baguettes de Paris before they changed their name to something more patriotic.
Token Ninja....

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