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Monday, January 14, 2013

Yes we Canseco!

So it came to my attention recently that Jose Canseco has expressed interest in the soon to be vacant mayoral position for the city of Toronto left by bloated fat guy, and all around bad person, Rob Ford. The legality of him doing so is in question as he's not a Canadian, but the prospect of it still makes me happy. I'm from Ottawa, not Toronto, so I don't get a vote unfortunately, but I'll do what I can to support the cause.

Figured I'd put him in the 98' Blue Jays jersey, seeing as it's for the Mayor of Toronto. Canseco at his most iconic though was with the Athletics I think. Gave him a Sam Bat too, made just outside of Ottawa. Last year on my birthday, Jose came to town for free and participated in a home run derby against this local guy, Evan Malamud. All the proceeds went to charity to benefit kids with autism. It was a real fun time, and Canseco was class the whole way through. Say what you want about Jose, but the guy's got a big ol' heart, which is way more than you can say about Toronto's last mayor. I hear he's coming back to Ottawa this year for another charity home run derby at Old Lynx Stadium.

Speaking of Lynx Stadium, I'm sad to hear that our Intercounty Baseball League team, the Ottawa Fat Cats are folding this year. Word is it's partly so they can reno the stadium so it's ready for when we get a Double A team, so it's not all bad news. I had a lot of fun at Fat Cats games though. I always thought that was a great name for a team from Ottawa. I would've done the their uniforms a bit different though. First up, a team named the Fat Cats should rock pinstripes, just saying. Logo wise I'd go with the above for the shoulder patch. and either an O or the cats head on the cap. Hopefully they come up with a good name for the double A team.

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